Thursday, July 28, 2011

Counting back from 1000

My foot began hurting a few days ago.  I don't think it is any serious injury - just a result of a whole lot of walkin'.  It's uncomfortable enough just getting around the house and work, but heading out to intentionally walk, aka train, on it isn't much of  a picnic.

This morning at mile 3 I started counting back from 1000.  999...998...997.   And on I went for some time, enjoying the scenery and the walk, my mind distracted from my foot.

658..657...656...On to mile 4.  Almost done.  410..409...... 657..656...

At first I don't notice.  In fact I don't notice that I jumped up 200 numbers until I hit 410 again.

Oh well - - I ended mile 5 somewhere in the 200s.  It was a good walk.  I finished.  That's good enough.  I limped a bit the rest of the day but I guess I need to be showing those I work with how hard I'm working at this walking thing. 

I joke.

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