More About Keely

I grew up in the Houston area - about halfway between Houston and Galveston. I lived there until my mid 20s and then headed to the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  I received my Bachelors degree at Texas State University, San Marcos.  I miss San Marcos.  It is a nice college town with fantastic parks, springs and a cool, winding river full of turtles eager to show you their personalities.  I am 37 years old.

After I graduated I moved to Oklahoma City.  Living here was certainly an adjustment in the beginning.  I was used to much larger towns and the music and social scene of Austin.  Oklahoma City is growing into a very cool place to live - but it does take time.  I have been fortunate to watch this change and I am eager to contribute to the artistic vibe that is rich among so many of those who live here.

I am an artist - or rather a writer.  I make pictures with words.  Being in the writing slump for years I began to take on some painting but I do not think I could call myself a painter.  I am a singer, but nobody here knows that.  It is funny the lives we leave behind.....

  • A Favorite quote: Feminism has done me no favors. ~Golda Meir
  • Celebrity crush:  Mark Harmon
  • Pet peeve:  Public Cell phone usage, in particular in a business.  I do not understand how someone can expect others to wait on them while their attention is on their conversation and not to the business at hand.  It's rude.
  • Little known fact:  I do not have a phone.  At all.  I use my computer for all communication.  Should something happen to my computer I am certain I would whither away like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz.