Sunday, June 19, 2011


This week I became very bored with my walks.  I have walked my neighborhood and a local park.  Now I feel like I have seen all there is to see and it has become really repetitive.  Take the added feat of adding at least 1 picture from each walk to my online album, and the challenge was almost more than I was capable of.

So I decided that my week day mornings would keep me near by, but I had to get away for the weekends.  This brought on another challenge; tracking mileage.  I found a good deal on a Nike + Sportband so next weekend's walks should be less stressful (No more trying to determine my pace and attempting to remember the time I began).

I am hoping to meet some other people in the area for some training walks.  My partner in crime, Jessica, is dealing with a back injury that is preventing her from joining me.  I think I will be fine up to 7 miles, but I really would like company for distances longer than that.  Maybe I'm not giving myself enough credit, but as of now I fear the negativity in my mind that can creep in when tired will overcome my desire to complete this.  I know I will complete this.  But I do hope to have someone else along the way who can understand this journey as well.

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