Sunday, June 12, 2011


Sometimes our bodies don't let us succeed and sometimes it isn't our bodies at all.

I have a bad back.  I have had a bad back for as long as I remember.  I get it from my dad.  One moment everything is fine and the next thing you know you get this lightning fast jolt of pain in your lower back.  The pain interferes with all efforts to be comfortable and I end up walking around like a duck for a few weeks.  A few months ago it happened, and it progressed to some of the worst pain I have endured.  It was at the start of this journey.  Actually it happened the day I decided to do this.

After a combination of meds and chiropractor visits, I felt ready to go.  Not 100% but enough to start moving.  A month later it happened again.  I walked 3 miles that morning.  It was a challenge and I had to really concentrate on every step.  Am I taking a longer stride with one leg over the other?  Am I turning out my left foot?

This morning I taped up my feet, stretched for 10 minutes and was ready to go and then it happened.  Lightning pain radiated down my back into my legs.  I walked to the medicine cabinet, took a naproxin and muscle relaxer and headed for the park.

Did I do the right thing?  I think so now.  I didn't for the 1st two miles - and especially the 1st mile.  The muscles in my back were so tight I was having a hard time walking normally.  I wondered if I should turn around.  I wondered what would happen if I got to the far side of the park and couldn't go any further.  I kept walking.

At mile 3 I could tell the muscle relaxer was working cause I was feeling loopy.

At mile 4 I traded out my water bottle for a fresh one in the car.  My body was screaming at me.  I started down the trail again.

At mile 5 I was feeling pretty good.  In fact, I knew I would feel better walking than I would sitting but it all must come to an end.  Now, I am laying on my bed, barely able to move but tomorrow is a rest day.  I fully plan to be ready to hit the pavement again on Tuesday morning.  I'm glad I gave my mind an opportunity to pull me through this physical journey today.  Sometimes the body won't cooperate - and sometimes it is the mind.  Today we both won.

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