Thursday, May 5, 2011

just over 20 miles down

I'm in "pre-season" training.  The 24 week training schedule begins May 22nd, but why wait?  Besides, I have new shoes to break in and need to get myself in the habit of doing "me" things instead of - well - things that are not as much for me.  ;-)

Training started good - - I felt great and 3 miles was a cakewalk but my next walk out it hit me; muscle cramps.  I confess it was a blow to my ego.  I just set out - not even a quarter mile in and my calves were hard as rocks.  I try to stretch it out but it almost makes it worse.  I kept going.  I'm going to hurt at 16 miles, I might as well get used to it.  And so I finished those 2 miles and went home to sulk.

Tonight was better but I still had some of the cramping going on.  I have to remind myself that I am not in the shape I once was.  It's a hard thing to remember sometimes and I have to take it easy.  It is so against my nature though.

Fundraising is slow.  I have sent out about 120 communications and have had 8 donate so far.  Many who have not donated have been extremely supportive and encouraging and it means so much to me.  Jessica (co-author of this blog) asked who would be cheering me on in Dallas and I told her no one (I am single - no family).  I get  my strength here and now, and I will take that with me to Dallas.  xo

Please consider donating today

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