Sunday, October 23, 2011

12 more days

The decision was made in March.  Jessica and I were sitting across from each other at The Prohibition Room when I made the comment about the Susan G. Komen 3 Day.  “I’m thinking about doing it” I said casually as I sipped my old fashioned.  “Me too!” she said.  And so it began.

The decision was easy.  I would train until November to walk 60 miles in 3 days.  The actually training, shoe horror stories and even hitchhiking ridiculousness has brought me where I am today: 12 days away from the 60 mile walk.  If I knew what I know now about the emotional roller coaster this would end up being would I have signed up in the beginning?  Probably not.  I had some really low points on this journey and it was a hard journey to do alone.  That said, I’m doing it again next year.

I like the difficulty.  I like how the difficulty strengthens my mind.  I like taking care of my physical body.  And I like raising money for an important cause.

The Susan G. Komen foundation does get a lot of attention.  There are a million other very worthwhile causes to support who do not get the support that Komen does.  Still, I believe it is a very important cause to walk for, and I do not want to say goodbye to another person because they are dying from breast cancer.  So, I decide to walk.  

Jessica and I are making a “garden” for our tent decorations.  You have to decorate - - not my thing at all but how else can you identify your tent among a sea of pink tents?  The two people closest two us - one who survived and one who didn’t - will have a garden around our tent with their favorite flowers.  They will be painted flowers but I think we will smell their sweetness still.  

For those of you who have supported me with my fundraising, personal needs and awesome words of encouragement, thank you.  Every time you reached out you touched my heart and I appreciate you more than you can know.

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  1. Good Luck! You are going to do great. I can't believe it's so close.