Sunday, June 5, 2011

59 miles

Since I began my training and "pre- training" I have logged 59 miles. I have also become somewhat of an expert on feet and blister care. What I have not done is lose any weight. Oh sure - I lost 8lbs total but 7 has returned. Well - actually I seem to fluctuate all over the board. Of course, I am walking over 600 miles between the start of my training and November if I keep to the training schedule - and there is no chance I won't lose the weight. I am sure it is the muscle and re-arranging game that is going on. Still - not gonna lie I am a little disappointed.

On a upside - I have lost 4 inches from my waste, and 1 inch on both my thighs and hips. I am thankful to at least see *that* progress.

I have collected $1035.00 towards my fundraising goal.  That is 21%.  Please consider making a donation today to get me closer to 100%.  Donate here.


  1. Wow Keely you are racking the miles up! You are amazing!

  2. Really proud of you and Jessica. This is a big commitment you two have taken on and it's inspiring to me. Keep it up!!